Welcome to the Agrotouristic Association of Bialowieza Forest in Narewka

      Municipal Narewka is very attractive and valuable Polish region. Unspoiled nature, a large number of birds and animals, mushroom picking and harvesting other gifts of the forest, agrotouristic and active tourism, fishing and water sports, multicultural and multireligion, distinctive buildings and beautiful landscapes, are a showcases this place on earth.

     A special showcase of the municipality is the Bialowieza Forest, which together with the Ladzka Forest and other forest covers almost 60% of the whole municipality. Showcase is also a water tank Siemianowka, commonly called Siemianowka Reservoir, which is the El Dorado fishing.

     All those who come to the Municipal Narewka, seeking the wealth and peace and rest, will not be disappointed.

     All this can not be fully experienced without being able to spend here at least a few days. For this purpose it is necessary to find a suitable place to stay among friendly, nice and hospitable people, who provide not only accommodation but also the delicious food, including regional dishes.

     On this page you will find these people and places - that we - the people engaged agrotouristic in Narewka Municipalities, the Agrotouristic Association of Bialowieza Forest in Narewce

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    Agrotouristic Association of Bialowieza Forest

    17-220 Narewka
    st. Mickiewicza 50
    Podlaskie province

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